Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th – Drilling Day 3

When we arrived at the well today, we had nearly four meters (just over 12 feet) of mud that had fallen from the walls of the well into the bottom of the bore hole.  We spent most of the morning bringing the mud out.  Our new team wanted to use some of the other tools instead of the auger since they had learned about them the afternoon before.  But after explaining to several of them why the auger was still the best way to proceed, the best of the team took charge and told the team how to proceed.

We would have had the mud out much sooner, but it rained hard for nearly an hour.  Not wanting to get anyone electrocuted by lightening striking our drilling tubes which stick 24 feet up in the air when we extract them from the hole, we took a break to let the storm pass.  Once the mud was cleared, progress moved forward very quickly.

Our team is learning well, and several team members have stepped up and show great promise as team leaders.  It will be difficult to determine the A and B teams as we finish our training.

While Steve and I (Mark, if you haven’t figured this out yet) work the drill site with Jacques and Carmen from Water 4, the rest of the team is continuing to visit schools in the area and learning about the community needs that have to be addressed for water to become sustainable in the long run. 

At day’s end, the team we were still in clay at 16 meters (52.5 feet).  Ten feet of progress does not sound like a lot for a day, but as hard as this clay is, that is really good for a new team.  And the most exciting part is that we definitely have been able to identify an A and B team for drilling after we leave.  There are some really sharp guys who have stepped up to be part of this from the local area.

Tomorrow, Steve and I are going with the rest of team to tour a kindergarten and a nutrition farm as we continue to understand the local needs (all which start with clean water).  In the afternoon we will return to the drill site.  Please say a small prayer that we hit gravel, rock or sand soon!

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